Featuring music from many of Atlantic Canada's best-loved recording artists.
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The Minstrel Of Cranberry Lane John Allan Cameron
The 1969 sophomore album on CD for the first time!
Little Beggarman, 30-Foot Trailer, Togabh Fonn, Calin' Mo Ruinsa, King Robert The Bruce, Sandy MacIntyre's March, Miss Lyle's Strathspey, Miss MacLeod's Reel, Minstrel Of Cranberry Lane, I Am A Rover, Doug's Jig, Fear An Duin Mhois, Bonnie Wee Girl, Village Of Brambleshire Wood, Brocham Lom
Here Comes John Allan Cameron
The classic 1968 debut album on CD for the first time!
Old Woman From Mabou, Banks of Sicily, Air Fal Al Al O, Bagpipe Medley, Fiddle Medley, The Four Marys, Medley - Air, Strathspey and Reel, Puirt a beul Medley, Peggy Gordon, Little Beggarman
Atlantic Heart
Women recording artists of Canada's East Coast
The Cottars, Natalie MacMaster, Patricia Murray, The Rankin Family, The Barra MacNeils, Rita MacNeil, Delvina Bernard, Rose Vaughan Trio, Joy Norman, Ardyth and Jennifer, Mae Moore, Entourage, Teresa Doyle
Buddy MacMaster : The Judique Flyer
The master fiddler with 14 of Cape Breton's finest accompanists
Betty Lou Beaton, Joey Beaton, Hilda Chiasson, Joel Chiasson, Tracey Dares, Jackie Dunn, Howie MacDonald, Mary Jessie MacDonald, Mary Elizabeth MacInnis, Dave MacIsaac, Marie MacLellan, Doug MacPhee, Maybelle Chisholm, Mac Morin
The Cape Breton Connection Celtic music from the island's favourite artists
Glenn Graham & Rodney MacDonald, The Barra MacNeils, Jamie MacInnis & Paul MacNeil, Stephanie Wills, Jerry Holland, Gordie Sampson, Brenda Stubbert, Buddy MacMaster, Slainte Mhath, Howie MacDonald, J.P. Cormier, Natalie MacMaster, Wendy MacIsaac, Dave MacIsaac, Tracey Dares, Jennifer Roland
The Sounds of Nova Scotia: Volume 1
Certified Canadian Platinum! Atlantic Canada's best-selling compilation.
The Rankins, The Barra MacNeils, Rita MacNeil, John Allan Cameron, Catherine McKinnon, Matt Minglewood, Howie MacDonald, John Gracie, Heather Rankin, Raylene Rankin, The Garrison Brothers, Miller's Jug, Les Tymeux de la Baie
The Sounds of Nova Scotia: Volume 2
Certified Canadian Gold!
The Rankins, The Barra MacNeils, Rita MacNeil, John Allan Cameron, Teresa Doyle, John Gracie, Miller's Jug, Sam Moon, Fred Lavery, Max MacDonald and The Cape Breton Summertime Revue
The Sounds of Nova Scotia Volume 3
Carolina Edwards, The Garrison Brothers, Lennie Gallant, Melanie Doane, Cyril MacPhee, Stan Rogers, Rita and Mary Rankin, Sons of Maxwell, John Campbelljohn, J.P. Cormier, Cindy Church, Evans and Doherty, The MacLeans
Cape Breton By Request
Barra MacNeils, Buddy MacDonald, Matt Minglewood, Fiona MacGillivray, Men of the Deeps Miners Chorus, Buddy MacMaster, The Cape Breton Chorale, Heather Rankin/Cookie Rankin/Doris Mason, John Allan Cameron, Howie MacDonald, John Gracie, Ronnie MacEachern, Raylene Rankin
Cape Breton By Request Volume 2
Miller's Jug, Matt Minglewood, Fred Lavery, John Allan Cameron, J.P. Cormier, McGinty, Sam Moon, Brakin' Tradition, Buddy and the Boys, Rita MacNeil, Maxine MacLeod, Howie MacDonald, Ronald Bourgeois, Doris Mason
Songs of the Sea
Stan Rogers, Lennie Gallant, The Rankins, The Barra MacNeils, Rita MacNeil, The Garrison Brothers, Ron Hynes, Brakin' Tradition, Denis Ryan, Max MacDonald, Richard Burke, Tom Leadbeater
The Sounds of Atlantic Canada
Gordon Belsher, Teresa Doyle, Anita Best, Mildred Small, Barachois, Dermot O'Reilly, Stan Rogers, Denny Doherty, 1755, Ron Hynes, Connie and Paul, Lennie Gallant, Barra MacNeils, Rita MacNeil